Domain Registration Rules

Domain Names

Many domains such as .com, .net or .biz can be registered by anyone.  Some domain names have extra requirements that need to be met. The list below gives a brief overview of several domain name types to give you a general idea of the requirements for them.

In general, domains can be 2 to 63 letters.  Words can be separated by hyphens, but not spaces.

.com, .net, .biz, .info, .org

These domain names are available for anyone to register them. As anyone can register these domains, it’s a good idea that if you own a company or tradmark to register at least the .com name to prevent others from registering it and possibly directing traffic away from your own domain.,

These domain names require that you are an Australian registered company or business and have a business registration number such as an ABN, BRN or BN.

The name you register should be an exact match, acronym or abbreviation of your business registration name or a close approximation to it.,

These domains are only available to organisations that are ‘non-commercial organisations’. The name registered should be directly related to the organisation that it represents.

An domain name is designed for individual who live in Australia.  You may register any personal name of which you are known by.

asia, .eu, .ca, .es

For .asia, .eu, .ca, and .es domains you need to have a presence in these countries and (or) comply with any of their local domain registration requirements.


Intended for people in or that have ties to the United Kingdom. Any can register these domains, however. There is a minimum of 2 year registration.


Intended for people in or that have ties to New Zealand. Any can register these domains, however.


These domains are intended for websites specifically designed for mobile phones or small screens. Any can register these domains, however.


Registrants Rights and Responsibilities

We encourage all domain registrants to read this document and understand your rights and responsibilities for domain registrations: Registrants Rights and Responsibilities

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