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Want a website? You need a Web Hosting Service. We provide space on our servers for your domain name and do all the hard work with name servers that your site can be found on the Net. If you’re new to the concept of web hosting, you’re bound to have questions and wonder what it’s all about. Why do you need hosting, anyway? Please feel free to use our contact page to get your questions answered.


Our Experience

We’ve been in the hosting business for the last 17 years and still very much enjoy our work. We use multiple servers, connected to multiple Internet backbones for fast, reliable data transfers. We stay up to date with security issues and are proactive about it.


cPanel Hosting

We offer  cPanel hosting with three different sets pricing  to suit a variety needs such as personal / small business, larger or multiple businesses or enterprise level.  We have Specialised hosting to cater for people that want to have certain apps already installed for them, ready to be used. These include blogging or Content Management apps (such as WordPress or Joomla), or an eCommerce site for an online store (Zencart, OpenCart).

As we’re the developer of Ozpost, a shipping module that works with several eCommerce systems, we also have Bundled Packages that include eCommerce software of your choice and Ozpost together. We install both so you don’t have to, and your Ozpost subscription is included in the cost.


We Excel at Customer Service

Looking for a hosting company that listens and responds to you? Been with the ‘big guys’ and had to wait days or weeks for answers? We’re just the people you need. We take pride in our excellent customer service. We answer messages within 24-hours and know all of our customers on a personal level.

“I’ve been a customer of VCSWEB for a long time coming to you via ZenCart and the wonderful OzPost Multiquote.  Graduating to applying for full hosting and care from Rod and later Gaelyne as I switched to a WordPress only site.  I have been so appreciative of the help they have given me over the years and it has made my ‘web-life’ so much easier.  I can thoroughly recommend their excellent customer service and ability to problem-solve.”

Kay Lancashire

Owner, Artycles

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