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Your Email Settings

Finding your Current SMTP Server

Email is almost always sent out through your ISP’s SMTP server. You will need to know its name to set up outgoing mail.

The reason you need to know your ISP’s SMTP server is that mail is almost always sent out through this server. You can try setting the SMTP server for mail.YOURDOMAIN.COM but if it doesn’t work, you will need to use your ISP’s server instead. If it doesn’t work, it’s because your ISP has blocked all outgoing mail that doesn’t go through their own servers. This can prevent spam so it’s actually a good thing.

You can generally find this information on the help/support pages for your Internet provider. You can also ring your provider’s help line and request the information. However, if you’re in a hurry, the fastest way to find this information is to find it in your current Email account in Outlook Express.

1. In Outlook Express, select Tools and then Accounts:
SMTP - Step 1
2: Highlight your current mail account and then click on ‘Properties’:
SMTP - Step 2
3. Look in the box labeled ‘Outgoing mail (SMTP)’ for the name of your SMTP server. Write it down, and then click ‘Cancel’ since you’re not making any changes here:
SMTP - Step 3

Now you’re ready to set up your new Email account. Please choose which tutorial you want to read: POP or IMAP

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