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Your Account

Your Account

When your account is set up, a name for the account is used for the ‘home’ directory where your files will be placed. For instance, if the account name is “acme”, the directory name will also be ‘acme’.

All accounts have a password required for any access, such as for FTP or Email.

For FTP, Email and Webmail, your username will always appear as ‘YOURNAME@YOURDOMAIN.COM’.

You will be given a separate, ‘Master’ username and password for your cPanel. When logging into the cPanel, use only the master name. Using the ‘acme’ example above, your master password  would be ‘acme1’ even though your Email/FTP username is  ‘acme@yourdomain.com’.

Having a separate ‘Master’ or cPanel password allows you to give FTP or Email access to others without compromising the security of your cPanel settings.

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