Web Disk

Your Files

Web Disk allows you to access the files for your website on your computer as if it were a directory on your own hard drive. The Web Disk uses your computer’s operating system for file manipulation. It will open a window on your computer where you can add new files, delete items as you would any other files on your computer.


The really neat thing about this is it will work with Windows, Mac, and Linux.


To set up Web Disk, first visit your cPanel and select ‘Web Disk’ from the Files section. Set up a new Web Disk account (it requires its own username and password which you supply).  Once set up, you can return to the main Web Disk page and click on the ‘Access Web Disk’ button. You will be presented with a choice of your operating system and version. Choose the appropriate one and follow the instructions.


After watching our tutorial, you may also want to visit the official cPanel documentation page for detailed information on the Web Disk.


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