Your Email Settings

Horde is one of the Webmail applications available for you to use.  Not only does it include the ability to read Email, but it can also be used as an organiser as it includes a calendar, notes, task manager and RSS feed reader. To get you started with using Horde, have a look at our tutorials:

How to write an email message in Horde
How to open an email message in Horde
How to manage your contacts in Horde
How to import contacts into Horde
How to export contacts from Horde
How to create calendar entries in Horde
How to create folders in Horde
How to create tasks in Horde
How to edit your personal information in Horde
How to configure global options in Horde
We recommend also setting your Locale and Time settings so Horde shows dates and times based on your location as shown in this tutorial:  
How to setup email filters in Horde

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