Your Email Settings

If you’ve ever sent a message to someone and received back a response that they are on vacation, you have an idea what an autoresponder is.

The basic idea is that if someone sends mail to a specific Email address in your domain, you can set up so they receive an ‘auto’ reply. This can be useful for sending out information, but should also be used with care.

You can set up as many autoresponders as you wish.  In your cPanel, visit the Mail section and you’ll find a link for ‘Auto Responders’. Click on it and if there are any existing autoresponders, they will appear in a list that you can edit. To create a new responder, click on ‘Add Autoresponder’. A new page will appear that will let you format your auto-reply message as you would like it to appear, from header information to the actual body of the message.

For a bit more info on this topic, view our tutorial.

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