Parked Domains

Your Domains

Parked domains are a great if you have several domains that you’ve purchased that all point to the same website. You can just park the domains and have them redirect traffic to your main domain / website.

It should be noted that before you can add a parked domain, the domain itself needs to be registered and set up to point to our nameservers, which you’ll find in the Email we send when account are set up.

From the cPanel, find the section named ‘Domains’ and click on ‘Parked Domains’.  On the next page, just type in the domain name and click ‘add domain’.   Return to the ‘Parked Domains’ page and you can now handle any redirections so that people who enter your parked domain name in their browser will be redirected to the site that you wish.

Have a view of our tutorial to see how easy this is:

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