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The cPanel is a fantastic way to administrate your web hosting account. It allows you to set up Email and FTP accounts, view your Error logs, set up Email forwarding, check your web stats, and much more.

To access your cPanel, follow the link(s) we sent in your set up Email or simply replace ‘YOURDOMAIN.COM’ in the link below with your domain name:


You will need to login with the login name password.

Once logged in, there are a number of various options, and many of these have their own tutorial that can be viewed right from the cPanel. We’ve also included a few tutorials below that will help give you an overview of the panel and what’s available to you:

The videos above are:

  • How to login to cPanel – This tutorial shows you how to login using an IP number. This information is included in the Email we send you. We recommend for regular use to use http://cpanel.YOURDOMAIN.COM/
  • How to keep your contact information up to date
  • How to change your cPanel password
  • How to change your cPanel Style

One final note on the cPanel - there are a great many options and while it gives you freedom to handle much of the administration of your website and domain name, there’s also the potential of totally screwing things up. If in doubt, please contact us for help first.

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