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Mail Client Settings

Your Email Settings
A mail client is the software you use to collect and read your Emails, such as Outlook or Gmail.  If you want to set up your mail client to collect mail from your domain, you have two options:  IMAP or POP.


POP downloads the entire contents of your mail inbox. Depending on your mail program’s settings, mail is usually deleted from the server after it’s downloaded. A disadvantage of POP is it only accesses your inbox folder. If you have other mail folders on the server these are not seen by POP and you must use other methods to access this mail.


With IMAP, mail is stored on the server and you can access it using other tools such as Webmail. You can also access other mail folders in your account.


We recommend using IMAP as this option allows access to both your inbox and your junkmail/spam folder. Alternatively, you can set up two Email accounts in your client, one for your inbox using POP, and another just for checking your junkmail folder using IMAP.


You also need some information from your Internet Provider to send mail from your domain. Most ISPs require that you use their outgoing (or SMTP) servers to send mail, so you need the details from your ISP to set this up.


In the following pages, we’ll give information on how to find your SMTP server information and how to set up your mail client for either POP or IMAP.

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