Your Domains

A subdomain is a URLĀ for different sections of your website that uses your domain name with a prefix in front of it. For example, we use ‘‘ for our online store.

Subdomain folders are within your public_html folder.

To create a subdomain, go into your cPanel and find the section named ‘Domains’. Click on ‘Subdomains’. On the next page, type in what you want the subdomain to be called. For example, if creating a subdomain that will be ‘blah.YOURDOMAIN.COM‘ you would enter ‘blah’ and then make sure the right domain shows in the drop down box (if you have more than one domain name). It will auto fill the location for the folder for you after you press tab or click in the box for ‘Document Root’ (which is a fancy way of asking where you want the folder to exist).

After you’ve set up a subdomain or two, you can manage them from the same cPanel page.

For a look at how it all fits together, here’s our tutorial:

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