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Your Email Settings

Setting up Outlook Express for IMAP Mail

The first piece of information you will need to know is something we can’t tell you. You need to know the name of your ISP’s SMTP server so that when you send mail, it goes out through your ISP. We have a quick tutorial on how to find your current SMTP server to help you.

1. In Outlook Express, select Tools and then Accounts:
IMAP - Step 1
2. Click on the Add button, and then select ‘Mail’.
IMAP - Step 2
3. Type your first and last name OR your business name in this field. This name will appear in Emails that you send as part of the ‘From’ Field. Click Next.
IMAP - Step 3
4. Type in your Email address. This is for your business or domain name, so be sure to use your new address, not the one from your ISP. IE, ‘john@yourdomainname.com’. Click Next.
IMAP - Step 4
5a. From the drop-down menu, select ‘IMAP’.

5b. In the field for ‘Incoming Mail Server’, type ‘mail.YOURDOMAIN.COM’. (Replace YOURDOMAIN.COM with your actual domain name).

5c. In the field for ‘Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server’, type in the name of your ISP’s SMTP server.

If you haven’t already found this information, cancel out of adding a new mail account and follow the instructions in our ‘Finding your SMTP Server‘ tutorial, and then return to this tutorial and start from the beginning.

5d. Click Next.
IMAP - Step 5
6. When your account was set up, we sent you details including your account name and password. Use this information to fill out this form.  It  may need to be in the format of either USERNAME or username@YOURDOMAIN.COM, depending on the server your site is hosted on. Leave the box at the bottom of the screen unticked. Click Next.
IMAP - Step 6
7. Click on Finish.
IMAP - Step 7
8. Click ‘Yes’ in answer to the question ‘Would you like to download folders from the mail server you added’.
IMAP - Step 8
9. You’ll see a progress box similar to this one as the folders download.
IMAP - Step 9
10. Select the folders you want to be shown in your mail. If you’ve set up for Pop mail for your inbox, only select the spam folder.
IMAP - Step 10
11. Back in the Outlook Explorer window, right click on the spam folder and select ‘Synchronization’ settings, then click on ‘Headers only’. This way only the Email Subject, To and From fields are downloaded rather than the entire message. If you wish to read an Email, simply click on it and it will download from the server.
IMAP - Step 11
When using IMAP folders, when you delete mail, it is crossed out, but still shows in your folder until you either exit Outlook Express or you select ‘Purge Deleted Items’ from the ‘Edit’ menu or click on the Purge toolbar button.

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